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Writings - Stories

Writings - Stories

Back when we used to regularly add more than podcasts to the Staggering Stories website, we had an almost insatiable need for more material. Occasionally I would be persuaded or otherwise moved to write a story for the site. Even now I sometimes feel that inner compulsion to make up more nonsense. Below are some of those stories (I certainly do not claim they are any good, much less entertaining!).

Mr. Dalek Goes for a Glide

Mr. Dalek Goes for a Glide

Published: 2003-05-05

Even toy Daleks are psychotic but what can the other toys do against his reign of terror?

Writings - Stories

Doctor Who Short Stories

Doctor Who: The Last Hope
Published 11th September 2013. A story best understood by dedicated fans! The Time War is going badly but they have left their best to last.
Doctor Who: A Leadworth Christmas
Published 26th December 2011. Maybe there is some Christmas magic to be found in Leadworth, after all...
Doctor Who: Meanwhile in the TARDIS - Why Us?
Published 29th November 2010. In between adventures, the Doctor is asked "Why do you look so human?"

Anthology Short Stories

Published 26th November 2007.In a world of digital convergence, what is the ultimate step?
The Hospital
Published 27th February 2006.What might happen if a ghost hunting 'entertainment' programme met reality?
The Trials of Christmas
Published 28th November 2005.Christmas is hard work for some. At what cost?
Published 8th November 2004.What happens when one technology controls the whole world? Is this future really just around the corner?
God Complex
Published 23rd June 2003.Do you have consciousness? Does anyone else?
The Camera Club
Published 3rd February 2003.Where's the danger in wanting to become a celebrity?
The Control Man
Published 9th April 2002. How far must you go to completely control your own life?
Mind the Gap
Published 7th January 2002. The Human mind is a powerful thing but what happens when your mind is no longer your own? What happens when you fight to save it?

Writings - Musings

Again, these opinion pieces were written for the Staggering Stories website and could probably be considered a form of proto-blog. There is a more up to date (though no better maintained) blog.

Pondering on Computer Illiteracy
Published 29th August 2001. No, I will not fix your computer for you!
Pondering on Reality
Published 27th August 2002. Nobody believes in everything but if you believe in something, shouldn't you?
Pondering on Stretch-o-Vision™
Published 7th October 2002. Don't stretch 4:3 images into 16:9 widescreen. Just don't.
Doctor Who: I Remember... "Frightening Old Grannies"
Published 23rd November 2003. For the fortieth anniversary of Doctor Who I share some memories.
Pondering on Canned TV
Published 23rd February 2004. What is wrong with a TV industry that destroys its best products?
Pondering on Hallucinations
Published 26th April 2004. Don't believe what you experience, it's all interpreted.
Pondering on Before and After the new 'Doctor Who'
Published 28th March 2005. Doctor Who is back and here are my thoughts directly before and after the first new episode since 1996.
Pondering on In the Midst of the New 'Doctor Who'
Published 25th April 2005. A few episodes in, how is the new series of Doctor Who looking?
Pondering on the Sith
Published 30th May 2005. As a long time Star Wars fan, what is the verdict on the just completed prequel trilogy?
Pondering on Doctor Who Series Two, Season One
Published 27th June 2005. A first season of the revived Doctor Who series was complete but what did this lifelong fan think of it?
Pondering on Serenity
Published 31st October 2005. Another 'pondering' that is more of a review, this time for the Firefly spin-off film, Serenity.
Pondering on Doctor Who Series Two, Season Two
Published 28th August 2006. A second season of the revived Doctor Who series but what is the verdict?

Writings - Reviews

More content originally written for the Staggering Stories website, these explicitly for the reviews section. The travelogues in particular were mainly written so that in years to come (such as now) I would remember the trips!

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol Review
Published 20th December 2010. A spoiler free review of the 2010 Christmas Doctor Who special, thanks to a BFI preview screening.
Doctor Who Live: The Monsters Are Coming Review
Published 29th November 2010. My thoughts on the live Doctor Who arena tour.
The 2010 Doctor Who BBC Prom Review
Published 30th August 2010. Again, we were fortunate to attend the second Doctor Who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.
Egypt Travelogue
Published 22nd December 2008. Some of the Staggering Stories gang holiday in Egypt (before the troubles!)
The 2008 Doctor Who BBC Prom Review
Published 25th August 2008. We were lucky enough to attend the Royal Albert Hall concert.
LugRadio Live 2007 Review
Published 30th July 2007. My grand old time at the third LugRadio event.
Star Wars Celebration Europe Review
Published 30th July 2007. The power of money is strong with this one. Hear how we were packed in like Mon Calamaris!
LugRadio Live 2006 Review
Published 31st July 2006. My impressions of the second LugRadio event.
LugRadio Live 2005 Review
Published 25th July 2005. My experiences at the first LugRadio Live Linux and opensource event.
Rome Travelogue
Published 6th September 2004. Another Staggering trip, this one to the Italian capital.
Tonb's Tales from Tatooine
Published 9th August 2004. Hear the story of my first forays into Star Wars Galaxies and MMOs in general.
Rhodes Travelogue
Published 19th July 2004. A trip to the Greek island of Rhodes.

Staggering Stories

Since way back in 2001 some friends and I have built up the Staggering Stories website. From June 2007 we have made a regular podcast of the same name, which is now the primary output of the site. It's not an exageration to say that a significant amount of my free time is devoted to this podcast and, despite the time sink that it is, I am very proud of it - that is almost wholly down to the great fun my friends bring to it.

The Doctor Who Podcast Alliance

I maintain the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance web site. This acts as something of a central repository of Doctor Who related podcasts, for both the benefit of listeners looking for such things and as a way to draw the podcasting community together.